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Nihonto - The Japanese Sword

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Antique Japanese Sword Sales and On-line Reference Material
Focusing on the Functionality of Nihonto

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Recent addtions

NEW 尾張新々刀永義
Owari Nagayoshi Katana 3/25/15

Shonai Tusba and the Mito Dragon tsuba have been put on Sale 3/25/15

NEW ARTICLE Nihontocraft - Japanese Sword Question and Answer Archive 3/22/15
NEW 備前清光
Bizen Kiyomitsu Koto Katana 3/22/15

NEW 尾張新刀来国治
Owari Shinto Rai Kuniharu Wakizashi 3/14/15

NEW ARTICLE Still More Thoughts on Gendaito by Christopher Sly 3/13/15
NEW 武州下原住内記康重
Bushu Shitahara Ju Naiki Yasushige Naginata 3/11/15

NEW 新作刀政賢
Shinsakuto Tanto by Masataka 3/11/15

NEW Three Tsuba have been put on Sale 3/11/15
NEW 備前長船賀光
Bizen Kansho Yoshimitsu Koto Wakizashi 3/09/15

NEW 現代刀秋元昭友
Gendai Katana by Akimoto Akitomo 3/09/15


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