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Japanese Sword and Tosogu Related Articles

History, Evolution and Meaning of NBTHK sword papers

What a Trip! - The Travelogue of a Grateful American - By Joe Kraninger

Togishi Shigekazu Jimmy Hayashi: A Report and Interview, By Prof. Arnold Frenzel

NBTHK Shinsa standards for Swords Koshirae and Tosogu amended - May 19th 2015

Nihontocraft - Japanese Sword Question and Answer Archive

Still More Thoughts on Gendaito
Prepared for the Rochester Study Group, September 26, 1992, by Christopher Sly

Japan's Prefecture Level
Important Intangible Cultural Property

Izumi-no-Kami Kunisada and his Mei
by Tsuguyasu Wada and Danny Massey

Production Process and Composition of Gunsui-hagane

Isoroku Yamamoto and the sword-smith Sadayoshi Amada
by Junichiro Watanabe

Ryuminsai Kanetomo
Gendai-to research

The Koto Bingo Mihara School
by Allan H. Pressley

Research of Ji-gane
by Kawai Masaru

2008 version of NBTHK Shinsa Standards
by the NBTHK

Process of Producing Menuki - Images
by Tao Ichiro

Ura Nihon no Toko
by Yoshikawa Kentaro

Extreme Aratameshi
by Fukunaga Suiken

Nihonto & Tosogu Study Materials
by Yoshikawa Kentaro, Wakayama Takeshi

The Functionality of Nihonto
by Suishinshi Masahide

Guide Lines of Tsuba Collecting
by Kokubo Kenichi

Mino Gendaito
by Tokuno Kazuo, Tokotaikan

Yakinaoshi, re-temper
by Kurihara Hikosaburo Akihide

Kyo Go Kaji & the Mishina School
by Tokuno Kazuo, Tokotaikan

Nihonto Performance Lessens in Cold Weather
by Omura Kunitaro

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