A Fine Meiji period Kuro Urushi Katana Kake
by Motodamari Kota

Takano-ha Ka mon

An exquisite Meiji period kuro urushi katana kake by Motodamari Kota. This is decorated with the Takanoha kamon and would have been a custom order item for a wealthy family. This special katana kake has hooks on both sides of the frame. It can accommodate 4 swords. It is in mint condition. There are no chips or defects in the gorgeous ishime urushi. A thoughtful previous owner added felt to the hooks in modern times. It is signed "Urushi-ko, Motodamari Kota Sei". Meaning; Made by Urushi artist “Motodamari Kota". Accompanied by a custom made kiri wood storage box of the highest quality.