A Calligraphy by Nantsru

Mounting dimensions: 6.5 feet tall x 19 inches wide
Calligraphy dimensions: 54 inches x 13.25 inches wide

A nice calligraphy by Nantsru. It was done to commemorate the erection of a bronze statue of Sakamoto Ryoma. Sakamoto Ryoma was an important figure in the Bakumatsu period. His involvement in the Meiji restoration, role in the development of the Japanese Navy and creating of an alliance between the Satsuma and Choshu factions are well known among his achievements.

More information on this fascinating figure in Japanese history can be found here.

The "flying white" style of calligraphy can be seen in this work. Please see the bottom right close up photos for examples of this. The mounting is silk on paper, the calligraphy is paper and the rollers are ivory. This work dates to around the late Meiji era and is in great condition.

Price: $500